Life like a fairy tale...


This building was built by Swiss WERNER GERBER who was one of the greatest chef cooking and most of the years he spent as a personal chef of Emperor Haile Selassie of Ethiopia. He almost never worked professionally as a real hotel, although there has never been a summer day that was not flooded by the voices and laughter of the guests.

He called, SWISS HOUSE and rooms, but also in cool courtyards who covered it with their shadow, huge eucalyptus trees by the sea, hosted all known VIP of Onassis era who anchored the << CHRISTINA>> front SWISS HOUSE and mostly all without exception, the pilots of the airline SWISS AIR. And this was no accident.

The flight ZURICH-ATHENS always passed over the Saronic Gulf. Pilots who had flown around the world made so impressed by the bay of Tolo, just landed in Athens, took their cars and turned back to that blue-green bay had seen among the clouds... They arrived at SWISS HOUSE and lived here always all of them...

Shortly afterwards across the street between the fields with the farmers, watered the tomatoes and the peppers WERNER GERBER laid the foundations of tourism development not only in TOLO, but across the Peloponnese creating the first organized camping which called SWISS CAMPING...
When he left the WERNER GERBER the SWISS HOUSE became ASSINI BEACH HOTEL in honor of his wife THEODORAS GERBER - TSIRIKOU, which had fallen in love at first sight when he saw her at the cafe in Assini...

Now the guests of ASSINI BEACH HOTEL welcome and hosts the niece THEODORAS GERBER - TSIRIKOU the ANASTASIA TSIRIKOU-KAROUNTZOU together with her husband ADRIANOS and her two children ATHANASIOS and THEODOROS.


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